We are pleased to share with you that you can now check the status of our services via our Status Page. Link is on our website

What this means is:

1. You will always know the uptime or downtime of any of our services
2. You will always know when we are doing any maintenance on our system.
3. You would also get real-time updates on incidents when you subscribe to our Status Report

Happy messaging and much love! 🥰



We are happy to inform you about the new messaging channel we just launched, which is the WhatsApp Business API💃

The following👇 are what you can do with it:

◾Send OTPs, Notifications (Payments, Alert, Ticket, Order)
◾Engage your customers (Customer Support)

Interesting and amazing things about our WhatsApp API are:

◾Easy & Flexible Onboarding process (Takes few minutes to get started)
◾No Manual Process. You can setup up everything on your dashboard
◾For Developers, Easy API Integration & Sandbox to test integration
◾We currently have a Pay Per Use Plan. Bundle Plan coming soon

Curious about what setting up WhatsApp for your business looks like❓

Check the demo here: https://youtu.be/tY0--pBYQnM
Documentation: https://developers.sendchamp.com/channels/whatsapp
WhatsApp Guide: https://support.sendchamp.com/collection/3-whatsapp

what are you waiting for❓

Happy messaging and much love!



Sending SMS is now live on your dashboard!☺️ This means that from your dashboard you can send SMS📤 to your customers at ease (Bulk SMS).

Here are few things you should know about this feature

▪️ This is the first of the tools we will be building that will help you engage and message your customers at ease.
▪️ We have automated the SMS sending process such that it will deliver to DND Numbers.
▪️ View detailed reports of messages sent.

Curious about how the bulk SMS works🤔

check the demo here😊: https://youtu.be/3-mX5SVYb5g

Happy messaging and much love!🥰



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